Affecting the behaviour of Supermarket Shoppers with background music

We came across this really interesting article the other day on background music by Ronald E Milliman and ended up buying the article as we were interested in what is was all about considering we advertise stock background music ourselves.

Apart from all the obvious stuff about making employees happier and ‘reducing employee turnover’ (who wouldn’t love to be jamming to some cool background music at work!), Milliman goes into some interesting statistics on how background music can stimulate customer purchasing (and of course attitudes). One of tacoMusic‘s tracks (The Sky is Opening) was used by Lexus Cars in Hatfield in their eZine and has been received well apparently, so tailoring your background music to fit your environment is pretty important.

It’s fairly obvious that if you bang out some hardcore techno or heavy drum & bass in a kiddie’s department store that it’s not going to help you keep your customers in there, but the semiotics behind what type of background music you choose for your store, video or other production is fascinating. How do you choose your tracks? Do you base it on customer demographics or trial and error? Tube stations like Brixton and Wood Green in London play classical background music – maybe it stimulates the plebs to buy their tube tickets rather than jump the gates?!

Thanks to suedehead for the image.


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