They Came From Upstairs – great background music!

BeatheBeat is a popular (and talented) composer over at AudioJungle, so we thought we’d highlight this track of his that we came across on SoundCloud as it’s a great ‘Disney’-style soundtrack!

This kind of background music tells a story in its own right and as you can tell from the tracks to the right (part of  tacoMusic’s Play Time collection), we love this kind of stuff!

Please note that this is NOT a free background track, you should contact BeatheBeat through his profile page for licensing options if you’re interested in using this track.


2 thoughts on “They Came From Upstairs – great background music!

  1. Thank you very much, guys! So flattered! 🙂 🙂
    Looooong overdue but I finally managed to find some time to visit (and register on) this website. Great work! You can count me in as regular from now on 😉

    • You’re welcome! We’re a big fan of your music, so it’s only natural that we wanted to highlight your talent 🙂 Hope sales are going well! Taco

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