The Latest Gadget

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Minimalistic straight & simple computer style background track with a climactic atmospheric lead synth. Perfect for hi-tech product presentations, technology podcasts or documentaries and any project where a clean and techy atmosphere needs to be delivered.


6 thoughts on “The Latest Gadget

    • Hi Marc,

      No problem – I just sent you a direct link to the file. In future, we’ll be creating a system where you just sign up for an account here and then once you’re logged in, you’ll see all the download links.

      Thanks, would be great to see how you use the track(s).


    • Hi Rod,

      We’ve just changed the way you can download tracks now to make it easier for everyone – if you sign up for an account and log in (click the button on the top right to sign up for an account), then you’ll be able to see the download links for all the tracks.

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