Happy Upbeat Ukulele Loop

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A fun, upbeat and uplifting ukulele loop with a positive and happy vibe. Quirky and perfect for laying underneath all sorts of things from make up tutorials on YouTube to animation and kids productions. Includes three versions:

  • Long loop (1m04s)
  • Short loop v1 (16s, no kazoo)
  • Short loop v2 (16s, with kazoo)

Thanks to Dean Wissing for the image


2 thoughts on “Happy Upbeat Ukulele Loop

    • Hi AquaMonkey, yep, no problem, feel free to use it in any non-monetised video (just ‘acknowledge’ the third-party match), or if you want to use it in a monetised video, send me an email and I’ll show you how to use it that way. Cheers! Taco

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