Terms & Conditions

Although these tracks are free, there are a few conditions with using them:

  1. You cannot resell any tracks on this site whether individually or as a pack, that would just be bad manners for something free now wouldn’t it?
  2. All free background tracks on this site are are released under the the condition that you link back to this site so people know where you got the track(s) from.
  3. Copyright for all the tracks stay with the original authour (i.e. tacoMusic) so you will need to contact us for permission if you wish to do a cover track, remix or any other derivative version of the tracks here for resale or public performance etc.
  4. A cue sheet is not needed to use these tracks as they are royalty-free in the true-sense of the word i.e. we are waiving the rights to collect royalties for these tracks so none will need to be collected by any Performing Rights Organisation (PRO).
  5. We register these tracks with YouTube meaning you will get a ‘Matched content’ message on your videos to monitor usage. It’s nothing to worry about and you only need to click on ‘acknowledge claim’ unless you wish to monetize your YouTube video. If you do want to monetize your videos or remove the ads, then you’ll need to apply for a small fee license (contact us for details).
  6. Have fun using these! And let me know if you have any track requests (I may well make it as an early Christmas / birthday / grandma day present for you)

Last update: 10th June 2014


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